Three Cores

The Leadership Core

  • Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice Exemplary
  • Leadership Case Studies
  • Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Servant and Ethical Leadership

The Innovation and Improvement Science Core

  • Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change
  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Six Sigma Applications
  • Lean Systems Analysis

The Research Core

  • Intro to Doctoral Program and Research Methods
  • Quantitative Research Seminar
  • Qualitative Research Seminar
  • Advanced Research and Statistics
  • Research Seminars
  • Dissertation

Electives (If you have an SBL, you do not have to take electives)

  • Applications of Management Science and Analytics
  • Special Topics in Health Care: The Business of Health Care
  • The Business of Sustainability of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Media, Marketing, and Branding in Education
  • Diversity and Culturally Responsive Leadership
  • Professional Ethics in Leadership
  • Organizational and Policy Development
  • Public Relations