Program Overview

Doctorate of Education in Leadership in Innovation and Continuous Improvement (LICI)

  • This program is 60 credits (48 if you have an SBL certificate) at $818 per credit.
  • This program is geared towards SBL grads who are not CSA members.
  • Courses are eight weeks, online, and in a cohort model.
  • There are two, four-day residencies required. Both are in the NYC area.
  • Cohorts start in February, over winter break, with the Monday to Thursday residency in metro NYC.

What Makes This Program Different?

  • Comprises three core areas (leadership, research, improvement science and innovation)
  • Students are assigned a Dissertation Chair from the beginning of the program, to work with you on Research Seminars
  • Research Seminars start at the beginning of the program, and are self-paced
  • Research Seminars are structured to aid successful completion of the Dissertation and Dissertation Defense
  • The program is structured for your success

Who Should Take This Program?
You, if you have a…

School Building Leadership Certificate
Those with a School Building Leadership certificate (making this a 48 credit program) who are not CSA members.

Master’s in Public Administration
Those who want to bring new leadership skills and improvement science to their practice and vocations (60 credit program).

Master’s in School Counseling
Those who want to lead in the educational world (60 credit program).

Master’s in Mental Health Counseling
Those who want to lead in the healthcare world – hospitals, clinics, and non-profits (60 credit program).

What to Expect?

The LICI degree encompasses three core areas of concentrated study that you can customize to your needs. As a LICI student, you can build on the program core by selecting a business emphasis, an education emphasis, or a combination of the two.

Read more about the three cores here.